Spring Break Beaut

We all know the drill… The New Years resolution  (but we call it something else so we’re not cliche) to be fit and get ready for spring break… but then pizza happens. We see other girls on Instagram and immediately compare ourselves, “how come I don’t look that good in a Victorias Secret swimsuit?” “Why am I not that tan?!” “Has she heard of  a burger?” and so on and so on. It is SO easy and so disheartening. We get trapped in the lie of self doubt and comparison way too often.

One of the hardest things for me to do, and I am sure will always be, is to not wear makeup. I am the WORST when it comes to getting up for morning classes, and sometimes it comes down to me skipping because I have to look my best. I have always been hard on myself, I think every girl is in someway, but I am trying to break my mold. Walking out of my dorm with no makeup on, seeing people I do NOT want to see without makeup on, or sending snapchats, or finding a seat in front of my whole class is something  I am getting over slowly. You immediately ask yourself what other people are thinking, and to be honest with myself I am sure no one even cares! It’s a mind game people! Once you actually get over your insecurity, put yourself out there, and go for it, you feel so much better about yourself because it’s SO freeing!

Spring break brings out the most comparison, but don’t let your mind take over. Enjoy your break. Love who you are. Don’t be afraid of posting an Instagram because yours doesn’t look like hers. Eat the dang burger, because it’s good. Walk down the street with no makeup, because you’re beautiful all day ‘er day. Be you B R A V E L Y, because no one else can be. Somebody out there loves you for you, don’t let your mind play games.

Enjoy Spring Break loves! Post that Insta!


The Straight A Prepster


striped tee//sunnies//new balance//leather purse (from mission organization I can’t find)//


My February Feels

First off, this isn’t a post in a pretty pink dress, or a red lip, or even a cute valentines Tee. It’s just me, literally me in my element. I want to change things up a bit, of course I love posting new outfits I think you will enjoy, or giving you tips and tricks on packing lists, but honestly, we all know there are lots of people who do the same. I want to be honest from here on out and give you little tastes of my life, and in this season ya girl is single. So, no, i didn’t decide to do a valentines post of a cute date night outfit, but what I am doing is showing you how I spent it and what makes me happy (see cover photo of doughnuts for an image of my first true love).

12671806_968012519948973_2739859278628294999_oI decided this Valentine’s Day I wanted to spend it with people I love and people that make me happy, friends and family. That’s what matters most to me in this world, and a weekend with them is something I wouldn’t pass up. Autumn and I took the 5 hour trip down to Carolina Beach to get away from the LU Couples, and spend time eating doughnuts, playing cards with my grandparents, posting WAY too many snaps of a very entertaining 8 year old cousin, and stopping at some of my favorite places.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

I have found SO much comfort in knowing I am in this place in my life for a reason. I’m not hunting for something to make me “happier” or something to “fulfill” me, trust me it doesn’t work. I am happy knowing my family is something to cherish, I am happy knowing I have friends I can count on, I am happy knowing that maple bacon doughnuts exist(yes, its true), and I am happy knowing I wouldn’t want anything else. This is me, it’s what makes me.

You don’t have to look far to have something to be grateful for. I am grateful for the season of life I am in, for the places I get to go, and the people I get to be around. I wouldn’t trade it. So, don’t feel bad for yourself this month single peeps, make it another one you thrive in.


The Straight A Prepster


Outfit Details// Autumn: White tee, Skinny Jeans, J.Crew Camp SocksMilitary Vest, Jack Roger Booties// Sav: White Tee, Sam Edelman Sweater (similar & on sale!), Anthropology Jeans, New Balance Sneaks, Illestiva Sunnies//

Plaids and Stripes

Hey y’all, Autumn here!

I am so excited to be posting on the blog today and talking to you about one of my favorite trends as of late. Who would’ve ever thought to put plaids and stripes together?! Props to them, because love it!


The outfit I am wearing today is a perfect and comfy look for every day. For me, comfort is a must! Jeans are probably my favorite thing to wear. I can’t seem to find a pair of jeans I like better than the Gaps! They have the most comfortable and wide variety of jeans. The ones I’m wearing here have been my favorite lately. I LOVE the distressed look.


So, I got my first blanket scarf from my brother for christmas, and I am obsessed! It is the most warm and cozy scarf I have ever owned. The colors are beautiful as well. It paired perfectly with my maroon cardigan from Gap. By the way girls, Gap is one of my favorite stores, it is the perfect place to find basics!

Striped Shirt: TJMaxx (similar here)

Ok, let me talk a little about these SHOES. I am in love with these suede Jack Rodgers booties I received for Christmas. They are surprisingly comfortable and the scalloped detail is to die for! Jack Rodgers sandals are my favorite shoe for the summer, and I am so excited I get to wear them through the winter as well.

I am very simple when it comes to jewelry (simple as in I never wear it) … even wearing earrings is a big deal for me. But, these tortoise Kate Spade earrings were too cute, I couldn’t resist.

I hope I am finding you well this new year! 2015 may have been great, tough, challenging or brought much change. However your year went, have courage as you enter 2016. Smile a lot, cherish your family, be intentional with your relationships, and remind yourself of your incredible worth and beauty!

Love you all,


After Christmas Blues

Christmas has come and gone… and yes, I would have to admit I’m the only blogger that DIDN’T do a Christmas outfit… Super sorry. But, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I’d love to hear about what you wore in the comments below!

Christmas is the time of year where you can get away with plenty of jewels and sparkles. So, I took FULL advantage.


Of course, I had to wear my favorite Pandora ring which has ended up working for all seasons.

IMG_4509A fun pair of flats are perfect for the Holiday season. For Christmas or New Years, Boden flats are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your outfit! And again, the jewels!!! SO cute and perfect for this time of year. Girls, right now Boden flats are between 30 and 70% off. I’d have to say, they are a must in any girls closet. Your Christmas money wont go to waste on these beautiful shoes!

Jean on jean, anyone? Throwing it back to the 90’s as I pair my Jcrew chambray button down with my Jcrew jeans! I added my Madewell necklace to compliment the shoes. The shoes make a statement within themselves so, it is important to keep them at the focus with a more basic outfit.

It’s not too late to take advantage of your favorite statement shoes and jewelry as you enter the New Year. I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas!


Straight A Prepster



Pack Up, Let’s Go!

FINALLY. The semester is over! I am giving virtual high-fives to everyone who finished their exams, because man, it’s down right draining.

Christmas break is here, and it’s time for a little adventure…


Some things that are in my suitcase are pastels mixed with deep winter colors like burgundy, camel brown, navy, and grey.


My Recent Favorites

  1. New Balance tennis shoes… Little thing about me… I have NEVER been a tennis shoe person, I believed anything a tennis shoe can do, a flat or espadrille can do better. UNTIL New Balance came back in style, I am a changed girl. Love these. They are great for everyday casual 😉
  2. Jcrew Coat … In love with this coat, so great to dress up or down, jeans, dress, heels, whatever!
  3. High-Rise Jeans … Obsessed with High Rise this season! I half tuck t-shirts with them all the time. Definitley my must have.
  4. NYX Matte Lip … Alright, I may have a super huge crush on this matte lip cream… Any shade, any time, it’s my favorite. You can buy this at any Target and I HIGHLY recommend it. Like, go buy it. Now.

Day 1 Outfit? CHECK

I’m keeping it simple and comfy this trip. I’m not adding too much jewelry since coats cover up a whole outfit… this go around, I’m only wearing necklaces and earrings!



Merry Christmas & Happy Travels!

From my closet to yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤


Favorite Finds

A great weekend in my book consists of friends, family, coffee (duh) and a little bit of shopping… luckily this past weekend was just that! Something about being home, relaxing, and enjoying time away from school is just good for the soul. Autumn and I made our way to Charlotte this weekend and made stops at some of my favorite places.

First Stop… Amelies French Bakery! My all time favorite lunch stop, late night dessert stop, and coffee stop. Since it was Autumn’s first time in Charlotte I had to show her our best 😉

After our coffee stop, we headed to South Park where I found some great new items.

VSCO Cam-4

I love patterned socks… It’s something so small but can add so much to an outfit. I found these Madewell trouser socks on sale for under $10!

VSCO Cam-3

With this find, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone a little bit and pick up a new style of sunnies. I’ve always worn wayfarers or aviators but never gone for the new trends. So here I am trying something new!! Loved these NYS Collection Sunglasses for only $25.

VSCO Cam-1-4

Lastly, I found this LP by Linea Pelle bag for under $30 at TJ Maxx. Wherever you like to buy your bags, a leather bag will never do ya wrong! Loving this large tote for fall.

I hope your future shopping trips will be a fun filled day with friends like mine!

From My Closet to Yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤

Fall Florals

Well, the semester is flying by and I still don’t feel like I have my life in order… But I’ll get a large coffee and work on that tomorrow morning 😉

The trees are beginning to change and the weather is getting cooler, which means a fall clothing transition! I have moved my summer wardrobe back home and replaced it with sweaters, deeper colors, and my favorite fall prints.


When it comes to picking fall pieces I love looking for the great prints, the deep reds, yellows, blues, and greens. This printed pant is no different! i found these pups at the J.Crew warehouse sale (which is any J.Crew addicts dream), which means they may not be sold in stores, but I wanted to give you a similar pair that you could use the same way.

DSC_0091 DSC_0054

I feel like in the fall and winter seasons we so easily pull on a pair of jeans and go on our way, but adding a great printed pant with a simple top and sweater is way more fun! I wanted to make sure all my other pieces didn’t compete with the print. So I added a quarter sleeve solid top, brown wedges, and simple long necklace.

DSC_0075For my other everyday accesories I chose my gold bangle, Kate Spade watch, and a simplictic wood bracelet.

DSC_0044 Don’t be afraid to wear a great fall floral or any other fall print for that matter! Let me know how you styled your fall print ❤

From my closet to yours,

The Straight A Prepster


First Friday of Fall

Hey Prepsters!

We just wanted to get up a quick blog post in honor of one of our favorite seasons! Well, it’s the first Friday of fall, and the weather is still pretty warm (boo). So, we wanted to show you some outfits that are “fall-ish” but still great for warmer days!

DSC_0056 DSC_0067

With these outfits, Autumn and I chose darker colors with lighter accents. I love jewel tones for fall, and this year I definitely hope to show you some of my favorites.

Light leather wedges are the name of the game my friends! We love our wedges, they go great with any outfit while adding a dressy element to your casual day to day looks.


Our Fall Look Book 

       DSC_0075           DSC_0084           DSC_0064



We hope you all have had a great first few days of fall!

Don’t drink too many pumpkin spice lattes yet ❤

From Our Closets to Yours,

The Straight A Prepster 🙂


Style Me Studious

I vote for another month of summer, who’s with me? 🙂


Being back at school means back to school outfits and spending time with the friends you’ve missed like crazy. I’ve been waiting anxiously all summer to be back blogging with Autumn. We are back together and have some amazing ideas for the upcoming posts! I finally feel like I am settled into my sophomore year, my closet is back in order and it’s back to class.

So now without further adieu, here is our back to school looks!

DSC_0056 DSC_0001

Hey prepsters! I’m Autumn. I am so happy to be apart of not only this blog, but this post as well! Savannah and I have some awesome ideas for one of our favorite seasons…fall! But for now, we are getting into the swing of things at school & also in a transitional season with our outfits! ( I’m just happy because that means I can wear my Jack Rogers for a little while longer 🙂 )

These army pants are one of my “edgier” pieces. But as you can tell, I prep them up with this white peplum top and a jeweled statement necklace. This is one of my favorite tops right now. It is SO light weight to wear when walking around a sometimes sweaty campus (yuck!). It also goes well with all the different types of pants I have building up in my closet right now.


My Long Champ bag is perfect for carrying books and my favorite Lilly agenda. I LOVE to plan. My week is always thoroughly planned in the cutest of fonts and stickers! It is a life saver for my busy schedule at school.

School can get overwhelming, but when you add some Lilly and Jacks, you can conquer the day!

Now that you’ve seen how I prep up my “army” look, check out savannahs take on it! ❤


Hey again! Well, school is back, and you know me, I can’t bum it, but who would the first week of school! Keeping it cute and casual is what I like to do. Autumn and I have lots of things in common, dressing to impress is just one more! My army green vest is something I could where every.single.day…It goes with everything and takes a simple top to the next level with a great necklace.

But in this case, I paired it with my blue embroidered top (which right now I am a little obsessed with). This top is actually sold out, but I checked on Forever 21 and found a super cute one.

DSC_0065 DSC_0071

When I was in London I got to visit one of my favorite UK brands, Cath Kidston. I picked out this floral satchel as my school bag. Autumn and I both decided to use our favorite large bags over a backpack. Both are still fully functional,but add a little flare to your everyday routine.


Jack Rogers can go with any outfit, with simple browns and creams your classic Jacks are perfect for a comfortable walk around campus. Picking a style that fits you is just one of the many perks of this classic brand.


We hope your year is full of new friends, cute outfits, and Straight A’s (or at least in your wardrobe 🙂 ).

From OUR closets to yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤

Keepers & Keys, Please?

Hey Prepsters! There is something about being able to put your personal touch on your own style. We love adding things to our jewelry that reminds us of a special moment or a special memory, right? Well, this company Keep-Collective has drawn me in with their jewelry. Each bracelet and necklace with interchangeable charms can be personalized with the cutest little Keys! When I was asked by one of Keep-Collectives lovely designers, Lauren Wilson, to do a review on these pieces, you know I couldn’t help but say yes! Here are some “Keep” bracelets and “Key” charms I put together for the blog ❤

PicMonkey Collage

We had a little helper today Miss Madison, she decorated her own silicone Keeper with Keys showing all her hobbies and favorite things!



The Lovely Anna had a horizontal necklace Keeper {which my sister and I are super obsessed with!} and also a black leather bracelet Keeper. One great thing about these bracelets, they are genuine leather and also reversible, so not only do you get one bracelet you get two! Being able to place the keys in whatever order and find the ones that match your personality and style best is so fun!


I loved how Anna mixed her Keep Collective bracelet in with her gold bangles and Kate Spade watch.


I am wearing the double leather band with small simple Keys. I love the variety, it’s so easy to pick out your keys and slide them on to your bracelet adding colors and gems that are personalized to your style.



My Keeper and Keys I have coming…

I just recently ordered my own band and charms that I thought showed my style and also showed what I did this summer.

Okay, so the Pinneaple doesn’t really have meaning, I mean I love pinneaple but isn’t it kind of in right now pinneaple things? ha. The Eiffel tower I thought was perfect since I went to France this summer; the music note because I sing and play guitar; and the XOXO is kind of a family thing, my dad and grandma always text me xoxo.

{Also, thank you Lauren Wilson for my Pinneaple and Music Note}

6d84e6b43f2415d0114fb91732fdbf446d064dadPicMonkey Collage

Another great thing about Keep-Collective is they have a Delight Guarantee policy. Which means they want you to be satisfied no matter what. If your Keys tarnish its covered just call them and they will send you a little envelope to send it back, and they will send you a new charm! Or, if one breaks, no worries thats covered too! They want you to Create, Share, and Love your Keeper!


Another thing I thought was great about Keep Collective is they actually have great prices. You can buy a Keeper like mine for $29 and Keys for $7-$34 depending on the size and also the design. What I have compared this to price wise and also personalization wise is, Pandora. Personally, I think Keep Collective is better price wise and also style wise. When I had a Pandora all the charms would slide to the bottom which made it hard during class to write, so I never wore it. With Keep Collective, the leather band is so comfortable and keeps all the charms in one place.

Having Fun with Keep Collective:

A L S O>>>If you want your very own Keep Collective bracelet click here and shop around! If one of you lovely viewers decides to buy, Lauren will refund your shipping! At the top right of the website click Lauren Wilson and hit “Connect with Me” email her and let her know you are a viewer of the blog!




Go check out Keep-Collective ladies you won’t regret it! Happy Shopping!

From my closet to yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤

PS. If you have an questions about Keep Collective or need help purchasing your very own Keeper contact laurenswilson@aol.com ❤