Style Me Studious

I vote for another month of summer, who’s with me? 🙂


Being back at school means back to school outfits and spending time with the friends you’ve missed like crazy. I’ve been waiting anxiously all summer to be back blogging with Autumn. We are back together and have some amazing ideas for the upcoming posts! I finally feel like I am settled into my sophomore year, my closet is back in order and it’s back to class.

So now without further adieu, here is our back to school looks!

DSC_0056 DSC_0001

Hey prepsters! I’m Autumn. I am so happy to be apart of not only this blog, but this post as well! Savannah and I have some awesome ideas for one of our favorite seasons…fall! But for now, we are getting into the swing of things at school & also in a transitional season with our outfits! ( I’m just happy because that means I can wear my Jack Rogers for a little while longer 🙂 )

These army pants are one of my “edgier” pieces. But as you can tell, I prep them up with this white peplum top and a jeweled statement necklace. This is one of my favorite tops right now. It is SO light weight to wear when walking around a sometimes sweaty campus (yuck!). It also goes well with all the different types of pants I have building up in my closet right now.


My Long Champ bag is perfect for carrying books and my favorite Lilly agenda. I LOVE to plan. My week is always thoroughly planned in the cutest of fonts and stickers! It is a life saver for my busy schedule at school.

School can get overwhelming, but when you add some Lilly and Jacks, you can conquer the day!

Now that you’ve seen how I prep up my “army” look, check out savannahs take on it! ❤


Hey again! Well, school is back, and you know me, I can’t bum it, but who would the first week of school! Keeping it cute and casual is what I like to do. Autumn and I have lots of things in common, dressing to impress is just one more! My army green vest is something I could where…It goes with everything and takes a simple top to the next level with a great necklace.

But in this case, I paired it with my blue embroidered top (which right now I am a little obsessed with). This top is actually sold out, but I checked on Forever 21 and found a super cute one.

DSC_0065 DSC_0071

When I was in London I got to visit one of my favorite UK brands, Cath Kidston. I picked out this floral satchel as my school bag. Autumn and I both decided to use our favorite large bags over a backpack. Both are still fully functional,but add a little flare to your everyday routine.


Jack Rogers can go with any outfit, with simple browns and creams your classic Jacks are perfect for a comfortable walk around campus. Picking a style that fits you is just one of the many perks of this classic brand.


We hope your year is full of new friends, cute outfits, and Straight A’s (or at least in your wardrobe 🙂 ).

From OUR closets to yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤


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