First Friday of Fall

Hey Prepsters!

We just wanted to get up a quick blog post in honor of one of our favorite seasons! Well, it’s the first Friday of fall, and the weather is still pretty warm (boo). So, we wanted to show you some outfits that are “fall-ish” but still great for warmer days!

DSC_0056 DSC_0067

With these outfits, Autumn and I chose darker colors with lighter accents. I love jewel tones for fall, and this year I definitely hope to show you some of my favorites.

Light leather wedges are the name of the game my friends! We love our wedges, they go great with any outfit while adding a dressy element to your casual day to day looks.


Our Fall Look Book 

       DSC_0075           DSC_0084           DSC_0064



We hope you all have had a great first few days of fall!

Don’t drink too many pumpkin spice lattes yet ❤

From Our Closets to Yours,

The Straight A Prepster 🙂



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