Pack Up, Let’s Go!

FINALLY. The semester is over! I am giving virtual high-fives to everyone who finished their exams, because man, it’s down right draining.

Christmas break is here, and it’s time for a little adventure…


Some things that are in my suitcase are pastels mixed with deep winter colors like burgundy, camel brown, navy, and grey.


My Recent Favorites

  1. New Balance tennis shoes… Little thing about me… I have NEVER been a tennis shoe person, I believed anything a tennis shoe can do, a flat or espadrille can do better. UNTIL New Balance came back in style, I am a changed girl. Love these. They are great for everyday casual 😉
  2. Jcrew Coat … In love with this coat, so great to dress up or down, jeans, dress, heels, whatever!
  3. High-Rise Jeans … Obsessed with High Rise this season! I half tuck t-shirts with them all the time. Definitley my must have.
  4. NYX Matte Lip … Alright, I may have a super huge crush on this matte lip cream… Any shade, any time, it’s my favorite. You can buy this at any Target and I HIGHLY recommend it. Like, go buy it. Now.

Day 1 Outfit? CHECK

I’m keeping it simple and comfy this trip. I’m not adding too much jewelry since coats cover up a whole outfit… this go around, I’m only wearing necklaces and earrings!



Merry Christmas & Happy Travels!

From my closet to yours,

The Straight A Prepster ❤



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