Plaids and Stripes

Hey y’all, Autumn here!

I am so excited to be posting on the blog today and talking to you about one of my favorite trends as of late. Who would’ve ever thought to put plaids and stripes together?! Props to them, because love it!


The outfit I am wearing today is a perfect and comfy look for every day. For me, comfort is a must! Jeans are probably my favorite thing to wear. I can’t seem to find a pair of jeans I like better than the Gaps! They have the most comfortable and wide variety of jeans. The ones I’m wearing here have been my favorite lately. I LOVE the distressed look.


So, I got my first blanket scarf from my brother for christmas, and I am obsessed! It is the most warm and cozy scarf I have ever owned. The colors are beautiful as well. It paired perfectly with my maroon cardigan from Gap. By the way girls, Gap is one of my favorite stores, it is the perfect place to find basics!

Striped Shirt: TJMaxx (similar here)

Ok, let me talk a little about these SHOES. I am in love with these suede Jack Rodgers booties I received for Christmas. They are surprisingly comfortable and the scalloped detail is to die for! Jack Rodgers sandals are my favorite shoe for the summer, and I am so excited I get to wear them through the winter as well.

I am very simple when it comes to jewelry (simple as in I never wear it) … even wearing earrings is a big deal for me. But, these tortoise Kate Spade earrings were too cute, I couldn’t resist.

I hope I am finding you well this new year! 2015 may have been great, tough, challenging or brought much change. However your year went, have courage as you enter 2016. Smile a lot, cherish your family, be intentional with your relationships, and remind yourself of your incredible worth and beauty!

Love you all,



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