Spring Break Beaut

We all know the drill… The New Years resolution  (but we call it something else so we’re not cliche) to be fit and get ready for spring break… but then pizza happens. We see other girls on Instagram and immediately compare ourselves, “how come I don’t look that good in a Victorias Secret swimsuit?” “Why am I not that tan?!” “Has she heard of  a burger?” and so on and so on. It is SO easy and so disheartening. We get trapped in the lie of self doubt and comparison way too often.

One of the hardest things for me to do, and I am sure will always be, is to not wear makeup. I am the WORST when it comes to getting up for morning classes, and sometimes it comes down to me skipping because I have to look my best. I have always been hard on myself, I think every girl is in someway, but I am trying to break my mold. Walking out of my dorm with no makeup on, seeing people I do NOT want to see without makeup on, or sending snapchats, or finding a seat in front of my whole class is something  I am getting over slowly. You immediately ask yourself what other people are thinking, and to be honest with myself I am sure no one even cares! It’s a mind game people! Once you actually get over your insecurity, put yourself out there, and go for it, you feel so much better about yourself because it’s SO freeing!

Spring break brings out the most comparison, but don’t let your mind take over. Enjoy your break. Love who you are. Don’t be afraid of posting an Instagram because yours doesn’t look like hers. Eat the dang burger, because it’s good. Walk down the street with no makeup, because you’re beautiful all day ‘er day. Be you B R A V E L Y, because no one else can be. Somebody out there loves you for you, don’t let your mind play games.

Enjoy Spring Break loves! Post that Insta!


The Straight A Prepster


striped tee//sunnies//new balance//leather purse (from mission organization I can’t find)//


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